Link is a group of active young leaders, mainly from local colleges, who are doing stuff to make Wellington a better place for young people.

We believe young people are creative and have heaps of great ideas to make this city a better place for everyone. Even though we’re labelled young and can’t vote, we are still citizens and we should have a say about decisions that affect us. Ultimately this is about us standing up, taking responsibility, being heard, becoming leaders, volunteering and serving our community.

Link meets weekly after school on Tuesdays, 4:15pm – 5:45pm. We try to be flexible with times, regularity and other commitments.

Some cool stuff we’ve done:

Wellington Youth Survey: We surveyed 1800 students in 2014 to identify youth needs. We’re still analysing the results. This action research informs our projects.

  • Camp leadership: We volunteer on the annual Challenge for Change camp. This is a mentoring programme that BGI runs, matching 9-13 year olds with adult mentors. Our role is to lead activities and do team building.
  • Insider’s Guide to Wellington: We designed a guide to cool stuff in the city, written through the eyes of young people. It promotes things that are free or cheap, all ages, and alcohol-free whilst primarily focussing on being proud of Wellington’s culture. We printed 5000 and these were whipped up within three weeks. So we printed a revised 2nd edition and the 15,000 copies of this are almost gone. 

We love teaming up with other organisations and collaborating on projects:

  • ‘A Change’ comic book: We wrote a story about self-injury with Victoria University’s Youth Wellbeing Study. This was illustrated by Ant Sang. 
  • Delaying drinking? The ‘new normal’: We facilitated a consultation process with some peers for the Health Promotion Agency about delaying the onset of drinking alcohol. 
  • New Driver Education Programme: We’ve worked with NZTA on the development of apps and websites to help new drivers. 

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