Community Kitchen

The BGI Community Kitchen was established to pursue our vision of community connectedness.

Healthy food education and skill building, social gatherings, social enterprise, food waste, well being and generosity are keys to its success.

After school cooking programme.

On certain afternoons the kitchen will burst into life as kids from various Wellington high schools get chopping and mixing, creating simple, delicious, affordable dishes.

The Kitchen Club instills vital life skills for young people on nutrition, budgeting, and well being while making it fun.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Redistributed food we gather from Kaibosh Food Rescue helps us achieve our vision of sharing, giving, teaching and connecting.

Whanau food sharing, social gatherings, community get- togethers and social events are all on the menu.

Each week family groups, volunteers, programme participants and young people all get together to share in our exciting new Community Kitchen project.